Its been a while

2010-11-25 22:06:01 by Sadin56

Well guys im back and i have a few new projects to announce.

my new website is It is a blog i have created to archive my web design creations and i am going to create a forum and possibly a public wiki. Feel free to visit my site as i check and update it about once a week. And im all about feedback :D

Anyway my latest project is very exciting. I have been assigned the role of lead developer of a Mabinogi guild forum/fansite so if your a fan of the game check it out at d/site/.


2010-08-29 00:32:52 by Sadin56

ive decided to make newgrounds my personal blog where i will publish my own storys that way carbonsprocket and the new carbonstudios site stays for business only i havent been doing much in flash lately and im kinda disappointed in myself i have ideas for flash cartoons i just really dont know how to make them happen. The extensive hours of photoshop and Mabinogi have bled me dry i have no idea what to go on story wise or character wise.

However on the bright side the carbonsprocket blog is doing well our ins and outs on the NG network have gotten better and we are seeing more traffic not many followers yet but we have a feeling once we start making content our users will skyrocket.

another last thing i forgot to mention if you need to contact me for anything my windows live account is and you can always add me though xfire my alias is Sadin or just PM me here or comment i check everything daily.

thats it for now thanks for reading :D



2010-08-23 17:44:13 by Sadin56

So i was working on The company site template in photoshop today and i decided to take a brake and update everyone. My self and My Co-Worker Ethan Fox (aka: Sisors) have been working in flash brainstorming ideas about a flash series we will be posting to NG so i shall keep you all posted on that.

I also would like to ask anyone for tips in flash design as we are fairly new to the field any advice would be greatly appreciated. Dont forget to check out the Carbonsprocket site at there you can read up on company updates, or visit us at facebook (like us plz :D) or twitter.

We will be making a deviant art page in the days to come so look us up their as well.

Site Creation

2010-08-22 02:25:56 by Sadin56

I have been working on my new company website while our blogger blog serves as a temporary home.

The site that i and my friends will be a place to view our artwork videos and download the software we build for windows (Working on getting a mac for development :P). Anyway yeah check out the blog at and like us on facebook. Either here facebook or the blog itself is where updates and posts will be made so check back for site release dates.

thanks guys :D

Site Creation